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Estelle began her dance journey at age 13 when she discovered Lindy Hop. Hooked from her first swivels, swing dancing quickly became her central passion accompanied by her second passion, travelling. At 18, she embarked across the world to learn as much about the dance as possible, eventually discovering her favorite dance, West Coast Swing. It melds all her favorite elements—smoothness, grace, and technique—with her love of swing. 

In 2011, she moved to Montreal for two years to train professionally as a dancer and dance teacher while developing her technique and pedagogy amongst the best of the community. All the while, she travelled to compete and became the first French All-star. 

Estelle now lives jointly between Europe and California, competing, teaching, judging, and head judging at WSDC events.

 She teaches with a myriad of partners, including Christopher Dumond, Paul Warden, Andrew Shellard as well as collaborates with many of her peers. Moreover, she provides judges training during weekends centrally focused on helping the community grow and thrive as best she can. 

Her responsibilities also include residing on the WSDC (World Swing Dance Council) board of directors in addition to acting as the WSDC European liaison. 

She continues to travel the world, sharing her passion with everyone she meets. Her joyful personality, easy-going and open attitude, and skillful reduction of hard ideas to easily understandable concepts make her a renowned teacher. These qualities make her workshops and classes leave her students with greater confidence and understanding than when they began.